Thursday Recap

10 Jun

Thursday was a busy one! I went to the office yesterday in the pouring rain. Yuck. Lunch was good, though.

I picked up a Summer Crunchy Wrap, Miso Soup, and sparkling water from Pret A Manger. It was delicious. They have a new Summer Light Menu, which I’m a big fan of.

After work I went to the gym for Muscle Max. It’s one of my favorite classes. I think it’s like BodyPump? Here’s the setup…

Then, after class, I hurried home and quickly got ready to go out to dinner. Here’s the outfit –

I think it’s time to figure out the self-timer on my camera and stop using my phone to take all my pictures 😉 Dinner was at a restaurant called Sola. One of my friends is moving to Hawaii next week, so this was a farewell dinner for her. I ordered the parmesan truffle fries to share with the table (so good) and then the greens and grains for my entree.

It had lentils, asparagus, mushrooms, and tofu in a sweet, tangy sauce. I cleared my plate. Along with dinner I had a glass of red wine, which I don’t drink too often in the summer, but it was COLD last night and red sounded perfect. I also had approximately 3/4 of the bread basket. I can’t help myself. Carbs and I are in love. When I was a kid, my mom used to call me the Carbohydrate Queen because I loved bread so much. Still do…mmmmm….


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