27 Jun

Every 4th of July a group of young, urban professionals,  a.k.a. yuppies, from Chicago make the trek up to Wisconsin for a couple of days of camping. A nice, peaceful weekend away from the concrete jungle.

Yeah, not so much. This weekend is anything but quiet and peaceful. Typical activities include…

Floating around the lake on rafts

Going on boat rides

Running into the lake Baywatch style

Playing games – whiffle ball baseball



Various campfire games (apples to apples, anyone?)

And of course, lots and lots of grilling. But what really sets this annual camping trip apart from others is the THEME night. Two years ago the theme was Trashy Weddin’ and well, see for yourself…(yes, we actually had a fake wedding!)

The bridal party arriving via bed of a pickup

Groom walking up the aisle

Flower girl

Bride walking up the aisle

The ceremony


Some Boone’s Farm

Weddin’ Cake

Cutting the cake/unwrapping the Twinkies

The happy couple

A bridesmaid and a groomsman

A LOT of people came to the Weddin’

The whole camping crew! Ryan’s in the front there with the VERY short jean shorts. Hot. I’m towards the back w/ a Miley Cyrus shirt on. I still can’t believe we actually did this, it was so ridiculous. We also had a “reception” back at the campsite around the fire. Keep in mind the people in these pictures spend most of their time in suits and ties, living the corporate life in the city.

That’s what I have to look forward to this weekend. The theme for this year is 70’s. Can’t wait!


Weekend Whirlwind

26 Jun

I haven’t been on a computer all weekend and it’s been marvelous! I work in IT and spend my entire workday glued to (multiple) computer screens, so it’s nice to unplug on the weekends. Though I didn’t touch a computer, I did do a thousand and one other things this weekend.

– Took Maddux to the dog park (3 times).

Ryan loves the little ice cream carts at the park.

– Went to Jamba Juice. It was Pride Weekend here in Chicago and Jamba Juice was showing their pride!

I got a Tropical Mango smoothie. I had them swap out the sherbet for fresh mango.

It was quite refreshing. The building we live in was also showing it’s pride.

I love living in such a diverse and accepting city.

– Went to Bleeding Heart Bakery.

I picked up a Take a Hike Scone and a Cranberry Oatmeal cookie. Both are vegan and nut free. The scone is massive and is packed with dried fruit, pepitos, and flaxseed.

– Went to  Costello’s. I had the Veggie Grinder minus the provolone. “a whole wheat sub roll with hummus and provolone, oven baked then dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper rings and classic vinaigrette.”

Ryan and I are both big fans of Costello’s and go there often. They have an extensive menu and will customize anything.

– Went to the pool

– Went to a BBQ

– Went shopping for costumes for our camping trip next weekend (more on that later!)

– Went to a family party out in the burbs

– Sat out in the yard and caught up on reading

Thanks to a certain puppy that doesn’t like to sleep in, the latest I slept in this weekend was 6:30am. I am wiped. Dare I say I am ready for the work week to start??



No Cook Thursday

23 Jun

Whew! While this week went by fairly quickly, I feel like it’s been especially go go go.

I went into the office today. I brought oatmeal with me, but I also got a Grande Soy Latte from Starbucks on the way in. The morning flew by and before I knew it it was 1pm and my stomach was grumbling! I picked up lunch from two different places. First, I stopped at Pret A Manger and got a Miso Soup. At only 50 calories for a medium cup, it’s a nice addition to a meal. I then went to Argo Tea and got a vegan Garden Lentil Salad.

Their salads come in these cute little pots. The nutritional stats were good..

and it was pretty darn tasty as well.

Argo Tea has a couple other vegan salads, as well as some vegan muffins. I also love that Argo Tea has almond milk!

Oh, and I impulsively bought this for a mid-afternoon treat-


After work I hit the gym for my second Muscle Max class of the week. I think it’s about time I increase my weights! And then, as if I didn’t spend enough money on food today, I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up this hunk of delicious love for dinner (I flew solo for dinner tonight)-

Fresh Vegan Lasagna made by a local vegan restaurant called Soul Vegetarian East. I have yet to actually eat in the restaurant (that is on my to-eat list), but I have had several of the items they sell at Whole Foods and let me tell you, it is ridic! So good. I almost shed a tear when I dropped a bite on the floor in my rush to stuff my face.

Now I’m off to pick up the boyfriend from school (he’s working on his MBA). One more workday, then it’s time to play!


Carbs With a Side of Carbs

22 Jun

Work From Home Cait

Office Cait

Today I was Office Cait. And I was running late, no time to pack breakfast. Starbucks to the rescue.

I had a Grande Soy Latte and Two Moms in the Raw Blueberry Granola. This stuff rocks! Raw, vegan, gluten-free.

With a fantastic ingredient list.

Love knowing I can get something healthy when I’m on the run.

For lunch I had Protein Bar! The usual Vegan Burrito with a lime LaCroix…

I cannot capture the deliciousness in a photo.

After work I hopped on this baby (pretty empty, huh?)

and hightailed it to the orthodontist’s office to pick up my new retainer. I was in and out in 15 minutes, giving me plenty of time to make the Cardio Kickboxing class at the gym. That class is a good one. An hour later, I was a tired, sweaty mess.

Dinner was simple tonight – waffles and leftover tiny potatoes. Carbs with a side of carbs. I had waffle batter frozen from last time I made waffles, so all I had to do was thaw and cook ’em up.

Topped with Earth Balance, granola, powdered sugar, and maple syrup, my sweet tooth was thoroughly satisfied. My salty tooth (?) was not. So, popcorn it was.

Popcorn with Earth Balance and some (ok, a lot of) nutritional yeast. It was darn good.

Now I’m about to put in my brand spankin’ new retainer and hit the sack.

Tiny Tators

21 Jun

I had a great and fun workout at the gym today. I first did a sculpting express class for 30 minutes, then a 15 minute ab class, and lastly a 45 minute cardio hip hop class. The cardio hip hop was a blast, even though I looked totally ridiculous. Oh my, I’m so awkward. I’m a computer geek, not a cool hip hop dancer. I wish I had moves though, the instructor was awesome!

I came home and promptly made dinner. I seasoned and roasted tiny potatoes, which were just fantastic.

I also had another kale salad, only this time I added spinach and tofu.

Ryan had the potatoes, but not the salad.  He hates tofu and hates kale even more, so he had a chicken burger instead.

Time to go snuggle with the puppy. There’s a tornado warning right now and they totally freak me out!


Water Bowls

21 Jun

I took Maddux on a much needed walk at lunchtime today. He likes to play the game “lets see how many water bowls I can drink out of on one walk”.


Total score: 5 water bowls + bonus points for this –

The highly coveted TREAT BOWL! Weeeeee!!

After our successful walk, I had lunch.

Kale Salad – raw kale, Bragg Liquid Aminos, nutritional yeast.

Quesadilla – Daiya “cheese”, onion, tomato, spinach.

Plus an apple. Standard.


No Pre-Rinsing Needed

20 Jun

Lunch today was super fancy – leftovers!

I had leftover fajita veggies from dinner last night, so I stuffed them in a tortilla along with spinach and tomatoes and called it lunch. I also had some leftover pineapple on the side.

As I was putting my lunch dishes in the dishwasher, Maddux helped by pre-rinsing everything for me.

He pretty much climbed inside the dishwasher.

After work I took him to the vet for a quick checkup just to make sure he’s healing well from his surgery. Everything was A-OK!

I dropped him back off at home and walked to the gym for an hour long Muscle Max class. It felt good to do some lifting since I wasn’t able to make it to a Muscle Max class last week.

When I got home from the gym, I threw together a quick salad. The best part?

Dr. Praeger’s are my absolute favorite veggie burgers. They not only taste fantastic, but the ingredient list couldn’t be better. “Ingredients: Carrots, Onions, String Beans, Oat Bran, Soybeans, Zucchini, Peas, Broccoli, Corn, Soy Flakes, Spinach, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Red Peppers, Arrowroot, Corn Starch, Garlic, Corn Meal, Salt, Parsley, Black Pepper

My salad consisted of kale, spinach, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, slivered almonds, the last of the pineapple, and the veggie burger.

I topped it with Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing. Random combo, but it worked.

Bedtime already?