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Return of the Tofu Press

7 Jul

I can’t believe it’s already Friday tomorrow! I’m pretty sure I could handle a 3 day work week every week.

Today’s breakfast was an exact replica of yesterday’s. Only no Christmas mug this time. At lunchtime I grabbed my sneakers and Maddux grabbed his leash (yeah….not really) and we ran to a nearby dog park. He’s still a puppy (7 months), so we are easing him into running by taking him on short runs and getting him used to running by our side.

I made myself lunch when we got back. Also very similar to yesterday’s.

Only I skipped the veggie burger this time and added nutritional yeast. A sliced apple on the side, no surprise there.

After work I went to the gym for an hour long Muscle Max class. I increased my weights last week and stuck with that, so it was pretty tough. I was really feeling it in my shoulders and my biceps. I also happened to notice, while standing there pumping iron, that it looks like I have the chicken pox. I am still covered in red welts from all the mosquito bites I got camping last weekend. Sweet.

Ryan had class tonight, so that means I did what for dinner?

A.) Picked up food from Whole Foods

B.) Made something with tofu

C.) Made something with kale

Answer: B and C

I’ve made this dinner several times for myself and love it every time.

I started with a block of tofu that I had put in my handy dandy tofu press before going to the gym. If you cook with tofu, think about getting a tofu press. They make your life easier and your tofu firmer 😉

I cubed the tofu, marinated it in a mixture of these ingredients,

and then baked it for about 15 minutes at 350°. Use a cookie sheet covered in tin foil and sprayed with cooking spray. No mess.

While that was in the oven, I sauteed kale and onions in a little bit of water and a cube of vegetable bouillon until softened.

At the same time, I cooked up some rice noodles. They only take about 3 minutes to cook, super fast.

When everything was cooked, I added them all to a bowl.

You can add a little more of the tofu marinade if you want extra sauce.

Delicious. There are some leftovers, but they will be lucky to see tomorrow.



Weekend Whirlwind

26 Jun

I haven’t been on a computer all weekend and it’s been marvelous! I work in IT and spend my entire workday glued to (multiple) computer screens, so it’s nice to unplug on the weekends. Though I didn’t touch a computer, I did do a thousand and one other things this weekend.

– Took Maddux to the dog park (3 times).

Ryan loves the little ice cream carts at the park.

– Went to Jamba Juice. It was Pride Weekend here in Chicago and Jamba Juice was showing their pride!

I got a Tropical Mango smoothie. I had them swap out the sherbet for fresh mango.

It was quite refreshing. The building we live in was also showing it’s pride.

I love living in such a diverse and accepting city.

– Went to Bleeding Heart Bakery.

I picked up a Take a Hike Scone and a Cranberry Oatmeal cookie. Both are vegan and nut free. The scone is massive and is packed with dried fruit, pepitos, and flaxseed.

– Went to  Costello’s. I had the Veggie Grinder minus the provolone. “a whole wheat sub roll with hummus and provolone, oven baked then dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper rings and classic vinaigrette.”

Ryan and I are both big fans of Costello’s and go there often. They have an extensive menu and will customize anything.

– Went to the pool

– Went to a BBQ

– Went shopping for costumes for our camping trip next weekend (more on that later!)

– Went to a family party out in the burbs

– Sat out in the yard and caught up on reading

Thanks to a certain puppy that doesn’t like to sleep in, the latest I slept in this weekend was 6:30am. I am wiped. Dare I say I am ready for the work week to start??